Hi, I am a fashion lover. And that's all. 

This blog is my way to communicate my passion for fashion.
"Why Don't You" is the name of the epigrammatic column ran by Diane Vreeland during the Bazaar years. For style lovers, Mrs DV represents the incarnation of the Style, which does not necessarily correspond to beauty, trendy and conventionality. This blog would like to be a source of inspiration for stylish people and not simply for last-minute fashionistas.

My idea of a blog of styling, rather than the usual self-celebrative fashion blogs, was born when the first shots of street style circulated in the web. Then I realized how clothes have a different appeal when mix-matched with style. My constant source of inspiration is the "street-style" column at grazia.it (http://www.grazia.it/moda/streetstyle). 
Whilst magazine's outfits and street-style icons are often addressed to high-end costumers or even fashion insiders, this blog shows how to be trendy and stylish in an affordable way.
In the last years also found out that the web is the most exciting department store of the world, where you can find anything at any price. That's way my proposed outfits are always made up by items sold by online stores.

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